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Find My Dental
How it works
Need dental treatment done urgently? We help you get the right treatment you need quickly.
Select a clinic
It’s easy! Simply choose a provider from a variety of reputable clinics here in Western Australia.
Get a quote
Use our convenient Symptom Checker to receive a quote for your dental appointment.
Book appointment
That’s it! You are now ready to book your appoinment with your preferred clinic.
Choose your existing dental practice from the displayed practices, or if you do not have a regular dentist then choose ‘help me find a dentist’ and Flossy will send all your information to Tooth Market affiliated dentists near you who will then contact you about how they can help with your dental needs.
Complete our easy to use, interactive Symptom Checker tool. This will give both you and your dentist information about your dental needs, including what procedure you might require, the cost and information about the procedure.
Once the Symptom Checker is completed this information is sent to your dental practice (or Flossy) and a human will get in touch with you to book an appointment so you can be smiling again in no time!

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Ready to get your dental treatment underway?
Ready to get your dental treatment underway?

At Find Your Dental we help you find a reputable clinic and obtain a quote by answering a few simple questions. Getting started is easy and doesn’t take long at all.